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Routine Charts and Cards (Photos)



Product Description

Create engaging and interactive daily routines for your child with these beautiful routine cards featuring children from diverse backgrounds. Young children thrive on predictability and consistency. Routines provide them with a sense of security, confidence, and aid in daily transitions. They also promote emotional regulation, concentration, self-control, memory, and the development of good habits.

The digital file uses high-resolution real photos and includes:

  • A guide on how to effectively use routine cards and maximize their benefits
  • 56 routine cards along with 4 blank cards for customization, totaling 60 cards sized at 2½" x 2½"
  • 2 routine charts for both daytime and nighttime routines
  • Blank analog and digital clock cards, enabling older children to create their own schedules and actively manage their time

By utilizing these captivating routine cards, you can create a structured and engaging routine for your child, promoting their overall well-being and development. Embrace the power of routines and watch as your child gains confidence, independence, and a sense of accomplishment throughout their day.

Product Information

Product TypeDigital Download
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Recommended Ages 1+

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