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Routine Charts and Cards (Graphics)



Product Description

Organize your child’s daily routine interactively and visually. Children thrive on predictability and consistency. Routines make them feel secure and confident, help with daily transitions, and promote emotional regulation, concentration, self-control, memory, and good habits.

The digital files include:

  • 40 routine cards sized at 2½” x 3⅙”
  • 40 larger routine cards sized at 3¾” x 4¾”
  • 2 routine charts (daytime and nighttime)
  • Blank analog and digital clock cards (for older children to create their schedule)

We recommend using Velcro dots to easily organize the daily routine cards on the charts. 

Product Information

Product TypeDigital Download
File Format PDF
Total Files 2
Total Pages 26
Language English
Font Print
Recommended Ages 1+

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