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Rhyming Cards - Level 2



Product Description

Match pairs of rhyming objects (pictures and words). Rhyming helps children develop phonological awareness which is critical to reading and spelling success. This Level 2 set contains 4+ letter phonetic words with consonant blends. 

The digital file is print-ready for making double-sided cards. One side features a high-resolution picture and its word (for pre-readers), and the other side has the word in Montessori letter colors (for children learning to read). The file includes:

  • 24 two-sided cards sized at 3¾” x 4¾” (12 pairs of rhyming objects)
  • 1 instruction sheet

Product Information

Product TypeDigital Download
File Format PDF
Total Pages 13
Language English
Font Print
Recommended Ages 3-6 Years

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