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6-Step Montessori Early Language Development Packet (3 Yrs+)



Product Description

This is Part 2 of 6-Step Montessori Early Language Development Packet, including Steps 4-6 for children 3 years+.

Help your child get ready to read, step by step.

The Montessori approach uses lots of pre-reading exercises to prepare the child before introducing letters, words, and sentences.  

Based on the Montessori pedagogy and modern neuroscience, our team of Montessori educators and ex-academics have developed this Early Language Development Packet for children 18 months to 6 years old. This comprehensive packet:

  • Progresses through six learning steps
  • Develops 15 critical early literacy and cognitive skills
  • Offers hands-on and screen-free learning activities


This digital product includes Steps 4-6:

  • 280+ printable cards made with high-resolution real-life photos (valued at $29.91)
  • 27-page step-by-step guide and methodology (not for individual sale, valued at $7)
  • Lifetime upgrades to all future versions of the packet (valued at $8)
  • A total value of $44.91!


(Due to the large size of the high-resolution photos used in this packet, please make sure your device has sufficient space, at least 276 MB, and allow a few minutes to download the digital file.)

Product Information

Product TypeDigital Download
File Format PDF, ZIP
Total Files 10
Total Pages 143
Language English
Font Print
Recommended Ages 3-6 Years

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