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Patterning Cards



Product Description

Recognize and predict patterns like ABAB, ABCABC, AABBAABB, AABAAB, and ABBABB.

This activity will help children strengthen visual discrimination skills, learn left-to-right progression, build vocabulary, and develop mathematical sequencing and patterning skills.

All patterning cards are made with photos of real objects. The digital file contains 8 pattern strips sized at 10” x 1¼”, 24 picture cards sized at 1¼” x 1¼” (to complete the patterns), and 1 control chart (showing the correct patterns). 2 blank pattern strips and 8 blank cards are also included for you to create your own patterning cards.

Product Information

Product TypeDigital Download
File Format PDF
Total Pages 6
Recommended Ages 3-6 Years

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