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A wooden cabinet with 6 drawers and a presentation tray. Each drawer and the tray contain 6 wooden divisions. In the divisions, there is a wooden inset with a knob to lift it out. 

  • Presentation Tray - Contains the basic geometric figures (circle, square, and triangle). 
  • Drawer 1 - Contains 6 circles increasing in diameter.
  • Drawer 2 - Contains 1 square and 5 rectangles, the bases vary, while the height remains the same.
  • Drawer 3 - Contains 6 triangles: equilateral, acute-angled isosceles, right-angled isosceles, obtuse-angled isosceles, right-angled scalene, obtuse-angled scalene.
  • Drawer 4 - Contains 6 regular polygons: pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon.
  • Drawer 5 - Contains 4 quadrilaterals: rhombus, parallelogram, right-angled trapezoid, isosceles trapezoid, and 1 triangle – acute-angled scalene.
  • Drawer 6 - Contains curved figures: curvilinear triangle, ellipse, oval, and quatrefoil.

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